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Hello, in this article, i want to tell you about when you get rejected to Google Adsense for Nonsensical content, and the warning itself is exactly usually displayed as valuable inventory: Nonsensical Content. I want to tell you that it is very easy to solve this since it is an issue related to your content and that is why Google Adsense is not approving you to the adsense network.

Nonsensical content warning from Google can come as a result of spinned, content, that is if your content is spinned, infact, Google hates spinned content a lot and this is why it is always classified as nonsensical content, at other time, you could have developed your content from scratch and still receive this adsense notification, this also is related to your content, since the content you are using is a content that has already been over exploited .

Other internal site issues that can cause the nonsensical content warning are like internal duplicate content, which causes the same content to be repeated in many places on your blog and if Google reviews your site and see this, they will of course reject your adsense application and you will not get approved to adsense.

So, the most important thing is to have unique content and also make sure that content is not duplicated in your site by using the canonical tag. Doing this, and replacing the rejected content with other well written unique articles is the way to go and solve the nonsensical content issue on Google Adsense.

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Google Adsense Nonsensical Content rejection issue solved

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