Blogging from Nairobi, Kenya in Africa and earning money from Google Ads...

Hello, how are you, am Joe and am a Tech Guru and also a Tech Blogger here at TechyRack and this right here you are reading now is my Tech blog and in this video, am sharing to you my inspiration story of how i started to earn money blogging, i never expected that one day, blogging will be my full time source of income and things just started to happen suddenly and my blogging website TechyRack went viral and people liked the content and said that this is great content and myself i admitted to that since when preparing my blog content, i really take care and give to you my Rackers quality content Racks of the highest value which have proper research done.

The main motivation i have is being in a third world country, since am a tech Guru from Kenya somewhere in Africa, am Black and i accept that i am the best and and this is why i chipped this in to assure you a perfect experience and to let even other young people in Kenya to know that blogging is lucrative and everyone can achieve to earn money Blogging and get a fulltime income online from this. This is one of the best work from home legit online jobs that you can find since in this case you will not be employed but you will be self employed and the ultimate C.E.O of your Blog and you will be the one managing it and infact you will achieve the more earnings for the more effort you put on developing the content for your blog. This is a great advantage for you and you will totally be assure trully that you can blog from Nairobi in a third world country but with great infrastructure but earn money.

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