Earn money on Shopify store using this winning products strategy | How to make big sales on Shopify listing winning products,Earn money on Shopify store

Hello guys, how are you, welcome to this video today, i am Joe and in this video, am going to sow you how to make big sales on Shopify by listing products with high demand, doing this really exposes your shopify store to a lot of people online who are searching for the particular product, the first time i used this method, i really was awed at the results i achieved since immediately i started receiving traffic from search engines to my shopify store, this was organic website traffic and i tell you guys this is definitely the best and you can achieve this too,

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Product research is the most important thing when starting out a shopify store, and the mistake that alot of people make when starting out is that they do so without doing any research, you just lunch a shopify store website out of the blues, fill random products in it and expect to make sales, it can happen and you can make sales but you will not be reaping the full potential in this, so you have to have products in a specific Niche you wanna list or mixed but let the products have high demand

Of course the reason i made this video for you is to show you how to get winning products for your shopify store the easiest way without much struggles,

Now, i want us to go to a website named amazon.co, of course this is an eCommerce giant which is widely known and you know it as well, so right here on Amazon, you will select and click on the best sellers tab which will take you to a page showing you the best selling products on Amazon, so guys, here is where the big thing comes, You will see all the product categories right here, and here you will choose the Niche you are in, like household items, electronics and more, you choose your niche from these best selling products and these are the products you will list on your shopify store, use the exact titles on Amazon and write your own unique descriptions, do not copy paste the descriptions from amazon since if you do this, your shopify products will not be ranked on Google since they will be considered as duplicate content.

Writing unique shopify descriptions is something that most people miss out alot without knowing that this is one very important aspect of Shopify SEO since if you want your product to be found by people on Google, you have to include the product keywords in your unique descriptions, a few times,

taking the best selling products on Amazon and listing them on your shopify store is one of the best strategy that you can use to grow your shopify store fast and start making sales on shopify and i have used and tested out this strategy and it works perfectly,

You can use the images too and everything will be fine and your drop shipper will be able to supply the product, before listing the products, you should make sure to confirm this. This is all that i had for you in this video guys, and please remember that if you need any technical help, this is why am right here, i can create the shopify store for you and fill it with winning products and also do shopify SEO and optimize your shopify store for total conversions so that you can start making sales and earn money on Shopify, you can order the service on Fiverr, i will drop the link at the description area below so make sure to check it out, so subscribe to techyrack and give this video alike and see you in the next video guys
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