Google Adsense Monetized Travel Blog website


Rack Description:

In this package you'll receive a fully designed website with unique design and also in addition to that you will be taken through Google adsense approval and once you get Google adsense I will give you full control of your website and you will be sure to start receiving Google adsense earnings.

 what you will receive

  •  A fully created travel blogging website.
  •  The website will have 30 travel articles with high-quality stock images.
  •  All search engine optimisation, (SEO) will be done on the website.
  •  The articles to will be search engine optimised with long tail keywords which is one of the best ways to increase Google adsense earnings since long tail keywords are paid for more highly by the Google AdWords advertisers.
  •  You will also benefit from free website hosting since here we will be using the free website hosting provided by blogger. ( you will only have to purchase a top level domain name at which I will connect for you to the travel blog website.
  •  I will create a professional logo for the travel blog.
  •  I will also be giving you support for lifetime anytime you need my support.

 - when you make your order I will immediately start working and we will be in constant communication and you will be fully informed of all the progress and you will fully take charge of your website after getting Google adsense approval.

 - As you know approval can take up to three weeks and I'll be glad to take you through this and after this  I will hand you over your website completely to you.

-  this will be the Start of one very successful travel blogging career if you keep adding more unique travel articles on the blog you are guaranteed that the blog's income will grow up to $500 monthly income just from Google adsense.

 - I suggest that you add at least two articles every week once you take over the blog and by following this you will have one very successful travel blog while generating passive online income.
 - please feel free to reach me out at any time through the live chat below or through the fiverr button or through Whatsapp button or mail at the,  and I will warmly receive you and offer you the best service ever which is worth your investment.

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