Adsense monetized memes website ($500 Monthly Income Potential)

Adsense monetized memes website ($500 Monthly Income Potential)


Rack Description:

 In this package I will deliver to you an adsense monetized memes websites,  I will take you through the whole Google adsense verification and approval process.
 what you will receive:
  •  A website with 130 Memes and 130 short articles describing the Memes.
  • There will be very high quality image  Memes.
  •  The articles will be the description of this memes.
  •  I will do all search engine optimization for one month SEO.

-SEO helps your website rank on search engines and you will receive organic website traffic passively,  hence you will be able to earn a passive online income from the ads displayed on your website from Google adsense.

  •  you will start benefiting from Google adsense earnings.
  • Once I do all SEO I will submit your website to search engines such as  such as the Google search engine, Bing by Yahoo, yandex from Russia duck duck go and many more.
  •  You will benefit from free website hosting.
  •  I will also design for you a logo free of charge which is courtesy of the TechyRack.
  •  Once I deliver this website to you I will give you one month support till you get Google adsense approval and then you will completely take over the control of your website from then.
  • You can add more articles and more memes as you like.
  •  As your domain name matures, your website will grow and become a sustainable online business and you will earn up to $500 monthly, this I guarantee you as your blog progresses to grow each month.

  • Please feel free to contact me at the live chat if you have any inquiries and I will be glad to answer all your questions and am looking forward to delivering to you a satisfactory service, you are most welcome.

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