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Rack Description:

In this package,  I will create for you a full health blog website with all the requirements for a successful health blog. I will also take you through the Google adsense approval process till you get approved. I will create the health blog with all Google adsense approval requirements and when I completely hand over to you the control of the website it will have Google adsense and you will be earning a passive online income as a health blogger.

 what will be done:

 - A fully created health blogging websites will be made for you.
 - The health blog will have 30 articles and also 30 high quality stock images.
 - I will do all search engine optimisation for you for a whole month.  (SEO)
 - I will create a pro website logo for the blog.
 - The website will be submitted to all search engines for indexing and ranking
and also to increase the rate at which you start receiving organic website traffic from keyword search on search engines.
 - I will take you through the whole process of Google adsense verification and approval.

- Please note that I will completely hand you over the control of your website once you get approved by Google adsense.
 - This normally takes up to 3 weeks only.
- After that you will enjoy earning a passive online income from adsense earnings, I recommend updating the health blog at least twice a week with a unique health article each time and as you continue being consistent your blog income will grow to even more than $500 monthly and you will be one successful health blogger.

- please feel free to contact me at anytime through the TechyRack live chat, WhatsApp or you can also contact me through my number +254743354697 or on fiverr or also email me at the and I will be glad to offer you great service you are most welcome.

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