2 real ways to earn money online with this Google Adsense Blogger website.

Earn money with a blogger blogspot website


Rack description:

 This package is a blogger website which has been monetized with Google adsense and in regards to the niche of this website you have the privilege to request your choice niche topic and it will be done.
As you are promised in the Rack, you will earn money with  this blogger blog website since it will be monetized with Google adsense ads and you will benefit a lot. You might be wondering how much adsense pays for a thousand impressions or how much adsense pays for a click?

 Well here is the answer to this inquiry,  Google adsense pays up to $4 per thousand impressions or even more. At instances the pay per thousand impressions is usually low,  all this is usually dependent from where the traffic is coming from. website traffic from some countries have very high pay, countries such as USA, UK,Germany, France and some . Getting a lot  of traffic from those countries will result to higher Google adsense earnings and then from some countries especially third world countries, the website traffic usually results to very low earnings.

The reason for all this is because advertisers bid higher on more developed countries since there will be more conversions and also of the well-known high buying potential power of those countries.  in the same way advertisers will also bid low for countries with low potential of conversions.
The second way in which you will earn money from this blogger website is through affiliate marketing. CPA affiliate marketing is the best. CPA means cost-per-action where you will be paid for clicks or actions. When you get paid for clicks it is referred to as PPC or pay per click. Google adsense also uses this method and so does Maxbounty.

 Maxbounty is the best CPA affiliate network which you will be guaranteed to earn a fortune. This blogger website is one sustainable online business for passive online income which is worth your little investment. we made sure the price is favourable for all. please feel free to reach out at the TechyRack  live chat and you will receive a response, you are free to place an order at anytime see you then.

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