I can install adsense ads and fix ads txt issue for you

Adsense Optimization and Ads.txt

 install adsense ads for you and fix Ads.Txt issue

I will install AdSense ads for you and fix Ads.Txt's issue for you.

Hey, how are you, my name is Joe, and I will offer you incredible service, and right here in this RACK, I will Install your ad codes for you, I will also fix the Ads.txt issue so that it will not affect your income. This way, you will earn more money with Google Adsense and your blog.

This is exactly what I will do in this GIG: STANDARD (48 hours) + PREMIUM (Super Fast delivery within 24 hrs)
  1. I will solve Ads.txt issue
  2. i can fix code not found
  3. Site unavailable problem solve
  4. Strategic ads placement
  5. More Conversions
  6. Click through rate increase (CTR)
  7. Increase of Cost per Click by muting of low pay ads (CPC)
  8. Both responsive and Manual ads units will be used
  9. Auto ads will be enabled for User targeting to get more income
  10. I will follow all Google Adsense policies when doing the job
  11. No YouTubers for this GIG

NB: You should have an approved AdSense account for this optimization service if not, check out my account approval GIG too

Please ask me any questions you Might have and I will quickly respond and am very willing and glad to be at your service, this is your chance to get the most earnings from Adsense. 


 Web developer and Google Adsense Approval expert


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