How can i fix adsense valuable inventory under construction on my Google Adsense

How can i fix adsense valuable inventory under construction on my Google Adsense

Hello friend, my name is Joe and i will help you to fix the valuable inventory under construction issue on your Google adsense account, to get approved to google adsense as you might know, it takes a lot of effort since adsense ensures quite high standards before approving and the reason for this is because Adsense earnings are very worthwhile since you will earn money blogging from your blog and Google will credit you for every visitor you receive, this is why you cannot just join any how.

I am now coming to the bit you are waiting for of fixing Valuable inventory: Under Construction issue and you will be surprised that the issue to fix this is just something that you cannot expect, that is why i really insist that before submitting to Google Adsense for review, make sure to carefully check even your whole template or Theme to ensure that everything is Superb so that you will be in alignment with the standards, i want to now discuss some matter on how to fix the valuable inventory: under construction issue.

The first thing you need to check to solve this issue is Broken links. When your site has broken links, whenever users visit the broken link page, they will receive Error 404 which means the link leads to nowhere, this is something that google really hates and hence you can be rejected to adsense for just this and this is why i insist you check this as the first thing, to check for broken links on your site, it is not complicated at all, since there are online software where you can scan for broken links online and you will identify all of them right there, Please ACCESS BROKEN LINKS SCANNER HERE.

Then, once you have catered to the broken or dead links part, you can now proceed and submit again, in case you receive the same warning again, there are also other things that need to be done, before i proceed with another point, i hope you had not changed your template or theme when adsense is under review, doing this is another thing that will cause google to say that your site is under construction and therefore, please ensure you had not done this while google adsense is under review.

So the other thing that you should do to remove the valuable inventory under construction issue and get approval is to add more unique content to your site, add 5 or even 10 more lengthy unique articles and submit again, ensure your site too is mobile friendly before submitting and also ensure that your site is not blocked by robots.txt and that search engines are finding your site.

Once you have done the points i have illustrated to you above, you will see this issue disappear and you will get approved to google adsense and start earning money from your blog, whether it is blogger or WordPress, on all you will earn, i hope you know that you can earn money on free blogger by connecting a domain and approving to google adsense, this is if you have limited funds and do not want paid WordPress hosting, free hosting is a nice option too.

So, i hope you get approved, and if you have doubts or you have really tried and it is still not getting approved, you can reach me out and i will get you adsense approval on fiverr, i have so many people who have reached me out and i have helped them get google adsense accounts and they are happy clients whereby you can check the fiverr reviews i have acquired from them really happy of getting approved. Please reach me out through the button below.
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