Passive income from Blogging and Google Adsense ($500 monthly potential)

Passive income from Blogging and Google Adsense ($500 monthly potential)

Hello to you, you might have just come across this while searching for a way to start earning passive online income, well, you are not at the wrong place but at the most appropriate place to get the best way to earn money online, please note that, here, am not teaching you on how to make money online, but am practically helping you achieve this by creating for you a website or blog that has been monetized with Google Adsense. You can earn money blogging and in the period we are, it is not too late to start earning an income from your blog, and furthermore, this is why i am here so that i can create for you a ready made blog which will be instantly ready just for you and when i deliver or handover this blog to you at the end of this work, you will see some Google adsense earnings rolling in in your Google adsense account.

Adsense is the most high paying network in the world, it usually pays You Tubers and as well as bloggers, Adsense is able to pay such a lot of people since it also has so many advertisers who also spend a fortune to have their businesses advertised, Adsense takes this money from the advertisers, and here is where bloggers and you tubers benefit from this programme, since through your blog, Google adsense ads will be displayed to your visitors and in the process, you will earn money with adsense since Google usually splits 66% of this money to publishers and hence if you are having an active and approved adsense account, you will greatly benefit from this a lot.

Am here at your service ready to get you approved to Google adsense. People usually undergo through a lot of difficulties when submitting their blogs for review to Adsense since a lot of blogs are rejected for very many reasons such as Valuable inventory not found which means that you do not have sufficient content to be approved to ad sense, or you can also be flagged for  not following the adsense programme policies and guidelines, another option is that your adsense application can also be rejected for site under construction reason, now, as you know, good things takes time and this is why you have to undergo this rejection since this is a genuine and high paying network where you earn from 0.68 $ to 1$ per click and hence the adsense team has to protect their integrity, this is why they have made sure every blog approved to the network has followed all guidelines and is in alignment to the policies.

Passive online income blogging with approved adsense account

Now, here is where the techyrack comes to your rescue, since if you order with the Techyrack, you will receive a ready made blog completely approved to google adsense and you will start earning money online. You will receive the best way for passive online income as a stay at home mum or even if you are employed. Not that passive income is only for stay at home moms but for anyone wishing to establish this, with adsense you can earn up to an income of $500 monthly and more as the website traffic to your blog continually increases.

Work on your blog will immediately begin once you have made the payment, and this will take a period of just 30 days and from that you will enjoy making money online. You can make order right here on Techyrack through this description, or also, if you are mindful that you will be scammed, you can place order at FIVERR where you can also see other clients who are more than happy to have their blogs done and have started to earn money blogging.

Here are the requirements needed from you:

  • Top level domain name which you get here at GODADDY at just 0.99$, it can be .com or any other.
  • Your Google Account login details will be needed too, here is where i will set up for you the blog with free website hosting that you will surely enjoy, no extra costs.

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