How to start a blog and earn money blogging with Google Adsense | wordpress blogging and blogger

How to start a blog, earn money blogging with Google Adsense | wordpress blogging and blogger

Hello guys, how are you, Am Joe from Techy Rack, and in this rack article, am going to tell you exactly how you can earn money blogging, i will also show you my blogging earnings proof, and also, i will tell you the best way to set up a blog using free website hosting, i promise, this will be one thing you need to know to set up a sustainable online business, since blogging is a business, an online business.

So before we begin, make sure to hit that subscribe button and like this video, you will always be getting more articles from me on how to make a sustainable online business and how to achieve success, so guys now am going to start and i will also like to tell you that if you have any questions after this video, please drop them down at the comments section below and i will get to you with a positive feedback, you are most welcome guys.

So first of all, you need to have a google account, and here is where we will set up the blog with free website hosting offered by Google, which is the service named Blogger at, there are of course other web hosting like wordpress which is paid where you will have to part with $3 every month, but remember, we are using blogger since it offers us free hosting.

so, you create an account at blogger dot com, then create new blog and give it your choice name and here you can just use any subdomain since we will buy a domain at godaddy dot com.

Now, lets go to go to purchase the domain name, here, you will come and purchase a domain name of your choice which you can find from just  zero point nine nine dollars and you will get a good domain name.

now, this domain name is which we will connect to blogger, you just go to blogger settings and here you set up the domain name and connect it to blogger, this is very easy guys, and now as you can see, the  there is the website front end and back end and  there are all these other tabs and functionalities, and i will take you through them all in more racks.

in the next article, i will show you how to connect you domain name to blogger, and in another, i will tell you how to customize your blogger front end, also, i want you to know that, if you want me to set up the blog for you, i can easily do so, i am on fiverr as a doer and you can make your order there, i will drop the link at the description area below, you can also make order from techy rack main platform here and you will get the service and much more, thank you for reading this article.

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