how to start a blog and make money blogging | Google Adsense Earnings

Hello guys, how are you, my name is JOE and in this video, am going to tell you how you will start earning money online by having a sustainable online business which is a blog that generates income for you, so guys, please make sure to hit that subscribe button and like this video and i will proceed to show you how you will start earning money with Google Adsense today which is very easy guys.

So, getting Google adsense approval is usually a bit long process since google has made it to be so,hence this is one of the most legit ways to earn money online that you can find, when you have an approved Google Adsense Account, earning money will be very easy for you since you just have to get a consistent stream of traffic to your website and you will see dollars rolling in

So guys, i am always available to create for you a blog which will start earning you a passive income, with a Google Adsense account, the estimated monthly earnings will be $500 once your blog is well matured, i mainly offer my adsense approval services on fiverr and at techyrack i sell adsense ready blogs, so guys, i will drop for you the links at the description area below

in this video, i want to show you how my adsense approval is favorable to you since at flippa, buying a ready monetized with adsense website is very expensive on flippa, but on my fiverr profile, i offer you a website monetized with adsense at an affordable rate,also, a clever trick i can tell you, is that you can resell or flip this website on flippa and since it will be earning income, you will have to provide to the customer screenshots of your google earnings and depending on the earnings of your website you can flip a website for a whole lot of money on flippa,

So guys, right here on flippa, you can see the websites selling and most of them are well over a thousand dollars since and as you can see, they have an income potential of over a hundred dollars, so guys, am telling you, i am offering to create for you websites as such you can see here on Flippa, and me am creating at almost quarter the price you see here on Flippa, i will drop my fiverr link at the description area below,

so, once you have a content website and Google Adsense, you will surely start earning money online and if you can get a ready made site made for you the better it is and remember i am here for you,

so guys, the website i create for you at a discounted price and give you adsense approval, you will be able to sell the same on flippa for more, but since it earns you money you still remain with it and maybe get more from me for selling since in both methods, you will earn a passive online income from home just by doing the transactions online and also from the google adsense earnings you receive.

this is one amazing opportunity guys, right here, this is my fiverr profile and as you can see, i have five star reviews and awesome comments from my clients who got websites and are earning a passive income from blogging through their blogs and Google Adsense, this is a good opportunity guys, and you should not be afraid at all of taking a step, since, infact this is a worthy investment, why not do it since it is a sustainable online business which will run for a lifetime and it continues increasing in value as days go by, make sure to check my fiverr link at the description area below, and we can communicate there and i can start working on yours, it takes just 29 days to complete the project, meanwhile, your money will be on hold by the fiverr escrow and once i have delivered to you an approved adsense account, fiverr will release the payment to me

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