Website SEO done for you on Wordpress and Blogger

Website SEO done for you on Wordpress and Blogger

SEO has now become more different than it was once, since Google updated to the Google Panda algorithm, things in terms of search engine optimization changed alot.  This ranking algorithm update was done in 2012, however, since  that, Google now uses Google Panda. This update was meant to enable users to access unique content that matches their exact search queries. This gets rid of irrelevant content. When the penguin algorithm was there, people usually just stuffed the keywords in their website and they were able to rank for those keywords, however, things on the ground are now different since the page rank algorithm update. If you have a content website out there, you will rank in accordance to the relevance of your content, you might be wondering how Google determines this, Google uses thei AI by the name of Google BERT, the google robots and website crawlers will also scan your site for backlinks.

The backlinks on your website should be of high quality and from well established sources and something else is that a naked link will not determine this. The anchor text with your link behind it is the one which will determine the trustworthiness and credibility of the backlink and also show the google robots what the link is about. Meanwile, Google panda was released in 2011, Google does the changes regularly when even no one leasts expects it and this usually takes a great toll on the traffic of some websites especially those which uses outdated SEO tricks and tactics. These changes are always carefully planned by the Google team of engineers and developers and the main aim Google does this updates is to bring down all sites with low quality and thin content which is irrelevant, this in turn takes the sites with relevant content more higher. So if you have a website and you are working hard to produce original and articulate content, the google updates will not affect your website, this is because the main aim of Google is to promote hard workers, hence if you have been doing this, you might find that after an algorithm update, your site will rank even more higher on the Google search engine which is the largest in the world.

You might be wondering maybe you have written alot of content, maybe over 50 articles and your site is still not ranking on Google or you are not receiving a steady stream of organic website traffic from Google search queries, my suggestion is that you stop writing articles and instead focus on link building, or otherwise, you can just use this service since we are offering it to you here right now, this is a full SEO package, and if you order this, All link building will be done for you and your website, your website will acquire a couple of high quality High Page authority backlinks and will also be indexed on Google. Your website sitemap will also be submitted to the Google Search Console while at the same time, the robots. txt file will be generated for you. The website will then be submitted to all other search engines for indexing and you are guaranteed the best SEO service ever.

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