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This is a time when high schoolers are at home and enjoying their stay, if you are a highschooler and reading this, you are most welcome since am going to show you how to earn a passive online income or how to earn money online.

 I will show you how you will earn money online as a high schooler, consider this as a passive online which will sustain you throughout your high school time and also become your career or source of income after school, you will just have to put effort,  like in your school a composition has 400 words and one in an exam is given only 40 minutes to complete the composition,In this technique to earn money online that I am showing you, You will be required to write a simple article , you can choose any topic that you want.

When in school holidays make sure to write at least a 400 word article everyday, this way you will be able to join Google adsense,  once you are consistent , And to get Google adsense Earnings, Google must see that you are working hard and putting effort by producing unique content regularly this way you start receiving organic website  traffic from the Google search engine and more too.

 Google adsense pays $3 per thousand impressions and also from 0.60 dollars to $1  per click. I think this is one of the most lucrative advertisement networks all around the world. Once you are consistent in writing and posting the content frequently you will gain an audience and most of your content will start getting indexed every time people are doing searches, this ensures a consistent stream of traffic and passive online income.

At one point you will even ask your parents to stop paying school fees for you since with this blog you will be able to pay school fees for yourself, this  is one of the most legitimate online jobs home with no startup fee, the only fee which you will part with here is the fee for this blog to be created for you professionally and after this,  your work will just be to post articles

Here at TechyRack, we make sure to charge you a very fair price,  since you are a student and you are appreciated, if you just invest a chunk of  your pocket money just for only $10 and you will get an online real estate and an online blogging career that as you grow it it is going to one day be your full-time career.  Blogging is the full-time career for many people already, get the package now and consider it as one of the best investment you have ever made, money should not be saved money, should be invested no matter how much the amount.

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