Legitimate ways to make money online with this Blogspot website

Get Google adsense on blogger

                        Legitimate ways to make money online with this Blogspot website
This is a unique rack package in which you are guaranteed online jobs no experience will be needed in this. This package is a blogger website which uses free website hosting and also a free domain, you will be able to make money online with this blogspot website and you are guaranteed a passive online income blogging. 

  What will be done:

 In order for you to start earning money with a blogger Blog or website, we need to customize it for you and also monetize it for you. Here at the TechyRack, we give you the option to monetize the blogger blog and I will illustrate them for you right here.

 Method one of blogger monetization

The first method in which the TechyRack will monetize this blogger website for you is by creating an auto blog first.  An automatic blogging blog will be created for you autoposting content twith your choice topic. After the website begins flooding in with loads of contents, it will then be monitized for you with propeller ads and you will receive one of the best work at home jobs for passive online income.  Propeller ads is one of the best Google adsense alternatives, however they pay half of what Google adsense pays and I will explain to you how.

 Google adsense pay $3 per thousand impressions for a propeller ads pays 1.50 dollars per thousand impressions.  Google adsense is still considered as the best work-from-home job or Google jobs due to the huge income potential.  The second method I want to illustrate for you here is in regards to monetizing blogger with Google adsense.

 Google Adsense monetization with  blogspot
Monetizing the blogger website with Google adsense is the second option which will be done for you.  This will be a bit more process since the blogging will have to be manually done. An automatic blog is very hard to get Google adsense approval,  the TechyRack will write a bunch of articles for you after creating the blogger website for you, the website will be constructed in accordance to all Google adsense requirements and you will fully take charge of the blog once it has been accepted by Google adsense.  This type of blog will guarantee you an income potential of up to $500 on a monthly basis.

The prices of the two blog types will differ,  the autoblog monetized with propeller ads guarantees and income potential of up to $250 monthly and hence you can get it at only $20 right here while for the manual blog monetized with Google adsense you get it at $100 right there on the techyrack platform and remember this price is worth your investment since this money will come back to you immediately you start earning money from your blog.

 Please feel free to place your choice order at any time,  you are also welcomed to reach out to the TechyRack for any inquiries,  you can reach the TechyRack management through live chat below ,through Whatsapp, Gmail or on fiverr and you are sure to receive great services and also get the best legit online jobs, see you then.


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