Thanks for taking your time to check this out, In this Rack, i will create for you a multi tier social media syndication network for your social media accounts and also brand awareness, this network will be rich in website traffic, strong quality backlinks, and also it will increase reach for your brand or campaign.A quality social syndication network has a very large and also well established audience that will make all your marketing efforts fruitful since whatever you publish will definately first reach the audience at hand then other people to as you get more and more social activities.
I will create Tiered Social Syndication network/ring (made of 15+ high PR web 2.0 Social Media Marketing sites each ring) and setup those accounts in a Syndication system for Autopost. Your main T1 network can include your Website/Youtube Channel. 
Automated syndication networks helps your Website to increase it’s metrics like CF & TF and search rank in Google very fast. This Auto Link Building Marketing Strategy provides best social signals to help rank and get traffic any Website and YT video very quickly.

All accounts are totally 100% Humanized.

# All networks are built with SEMANTIC MASTERY SEO STANDARDS.
# All records in excel sheet.
# Top quality web 2.0 profiles.
# All accounts are SEO optimized & combined in your “Semantic Hub”.
# 100% satisfaction
# Great communication.
# Interlinking
# Accept Multiple order
Every ring have 15+ accounts .
About extra accounts:
Extra accounts not for syndication. It’s only for interlinking your social links. It’s work like Do follow backlink. It will help to get more visible on search engine.