Automatic Wordpress News Website (Ready Monetized)

Automatic wordpress news website


In this package:

  • A fully Designed wordpress website ready monetized
  • Free domain Name
  • Free Website Hosting
  • Free Logo
  • Income Account

What will be done:

  • Website will be created and everything automated so that it will start autoposting News Content.
  • Website will be submitted to all search engines.
  • Website will be SEO optimized.
  • Quality backlinks will be established for the website.
  • The website will be monetized for you and when you receive it, it will be ready monetized and you will receive login details to the income Account.
  • Full lifetime support offered.

What you will receive:

  • Full website with all login details and passwords.
  • Income account with login details and password, this is where your income from web traffic will gather.
  • Free website hosting
  • Free doamin name already connected to website
  • Free Logo already connected with website
  • Full lifetime support.

NB: Website will start earning you a passive online income from Day one of Purchase.

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