Music Downloading Website (Ready Monetized)

Music downloading website


In this package .

  • Full website.
  • Website fully loaded with music ready for download.
  • Fully optimized design and system
  • 2 income accounts
  • Free domain name

What will be done:

  • The music downloading website will be fully loaded with music as the product for download.
  • The downloads will be monetized with PPD Marketing where you will be paid per download.
  • The website will also be monetized with ads (ad-revenue). This is why you will have 2 income accounts all having income adding up at the same time.
  • The website will be optimized for search engines (S.E.O).
  • The website will be submitted to all search engines for more organic traffic.

What you will receive:

  • A full website loaded with music where you will enjoy pay per download (Pay per music download)
  • The website receives organic websites traffic which leads to more conversions.
  • An S.E.O optimized website.
  • A ready monetized website.
  • 2 income accounts; one for the pay per download income and the other one for ads income.
  • A google account that supports the whole music downloading website.
  • You will be given all login details; for the website dashboard and for the 2 income accounts.

What you will do after you receive the website:

  • Change all the 3 passwords, these are for the 2 income accounts and for the google account.
  • Direct the social icons to your social media accounts. (This can be done for you free of charge upon request)

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